The Shantologist

I am from New Orleans. First and foremost, growing up in such a magical, mysterious, mystical place informs who I am and how I look at the world. I am African-centered. A Diasporan sensibility is the point of departure for my engagement with phenomenon outside of myself. I am a curator. I do not present ready-made concepts and work. Rather, I consider the past, present and future moment of Black people wherever we are situated around the globe and conceptualize  a space for artists to engage in an aesthetic discourse that allows for a moment of reflection and  in some cases, action. I believe in magic. As a sorceress I manifest my visions and make my dreams a reality every day.

14 responses

  1. Much appreciation for your recent coverage/article of the Dutch film. Please add me to a mailing list if there is one.

  2. I am a Tanzanian public relations consultant and really appreciate your writing and your stance, please add me to a notice list of your posts

    love and lights

    • I’m honored and will most certainly do that. I was just telling a friend of mine who lives in Tanzania (and Surinamese) and I was just telling her that I want to visit next year. If so, I will definitely reach out. Thank you for the support Sauda.

      In Light,

  3. Please add me to the mailinglist too, I am from Curacao , working in a Cultural Institute, planning next year 150 years abolition of slavery in dutch colonies.

    • Will do Lida! I’ll be in Curacao early next Spring so hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to meet. In fact, let’s make that definitely happen. I’ll be in touch.


  4. A new campaign has just been launched in the UK against the racial exclusion of black academics and professors from equal job opportunities at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The petition at has already been signed by prominent academics, poets, filmmakers, writers, and others from all walks of life and from different parts of the world, including the USA. You can read about it here:
    Offer your support if you believe in this cause…

  5. Hi Shantrelle,

    I am a Ghanaian American journalist who just recently moved to Curacao. I came across your writings about “Only Decent People” and it resonated with me as scores of people here lined up to watch the movie. I have also written about Zwarte Piet celebrations in Curacao on my blog ( and I would be interested to know your thoughts. Coming from a black American and African background, I am always looking for cross-national perspectives on the histories and experiences of those from the Dutch Caribbean. I see above that you are coming to Curacao, I would love to get a chance to meet in the spring.


  6. “SHANTOLOGY” As did the movie Root, you have place your star on this Planet! Your circle is complete. I very proud of Shantology and all that I have learned as I travel through it.. Love ya!

  7. Thank you for this blog… Check out the Yoruba Theological Archministry… you may find some readings to peak your interest

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